Toronto 2014 Worlds

The ethnically diverse city located in Canada, Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Tourism is greatly attracted towards this well famous beautiful city because it has great sources which infatuate the people towards them. For instance, the museum of natural history and world culture, the Royal Ontario Museum is in Toronto. Beside many centers of art and science, the beaches and the Toronto Islands are the natural attractions in Toronto. Here, we are going to tell you about the various ranking that Toronto has obtained in 2014.

Fields in which Toronto has occupied the first place ranking:

  • Focus on tax: Toronto has been ranked the most tax-competitive city of the world. The survey was carried out in the 51 international cities and Toronto top ranked it. In this survey, various tax rates, including Income tax, sales tax, property tax, capital tax were compared to assess the competitiveness.
  • Resilient Cities: A report by the Grosvenor Group has declared the Toronto as the world’s most resilient city. The conclusion has been made by assessing the vulnerability of different cities to different events, how they cope with unfavorable issues and their attitude towards change. One of the other very resilient cities that was compared to Toronto was in New Jersey, and to prove a point, the local businesses in and around the area actually all contributed to a resiliency competition where business owners were put through a series or challenges. The winner was a company by the name of Cherry Hill Super Tow, and first prize was a round trip airline ticket to anywhere in the world on United.
  • Youthful Cities: This study examined the attractiveness of the cities for young people aging 15-29. There were 16 categories on the basis of which, the study has concluded its result and out of 25 cities of the world, Toronto ranked high in various categories which includes Diversity, Youth Employment, Fashion and Art, digital access and more.
  • Intelligent Community: Due to Toronto’s diverse economy, which has great advancements in media, film production, information and communication technologies, it has become the topmost intelligent community in the world. This report is given by the ICF (Intelligent Community Forum) and 21 communities belonging to 8 countries were compared.

Being top ranked in the above listings, Toronto has also grasped ranking in various other fields which are:

  • Economic performance and labour attractiveness: The Scoreboard on Prosperity compared the economic performance and labour attractiveness of 24 big cities in which the Totonto Region stood at the 3rd place which was comparatively 6th in 2013. According to the report, Toronto region is a leader in attracting labour while in the case of economy performer, it stands in the middle.
  • Liveability: When compared for the liveability, the cities were given marks from 0-100 and Toronto received 97.2 and secured the 4th position in the World. The liveability was examined on the basis of education, ethnic values, political stability and infrastructure. In this ranking, Vancouver has overtaken the Toronto.
  • Global Talent Survey: In 2014, an analysis was done on the 203000 employees working in different countries. The analysis examined that which countries and cities attract the large percentage of global workforce and the results were amazing. Among 189 countries, Canada ranked 3rd and among cities, Toronto got the 8th
  • Business and Investment: When the business costs and some other competitive factors were compared of 48 global and 12 North American cities, it has been found that Toronto provides the most cost effective business opportunities and similar investment climates. It has ranked 5th among global and 3rd among North American cities.