Toronto 2014 Worlds is the Ultimate Source to Know the World Rankings of Toronto in Different Fields

The city of Toronto in Canada is ethnically diverse and it also holds the pride of being the capital of Ontario. This is a beautiful city which is well famous for its attractions and it is only because of this reason that it is also considered the tourism hub of the world. People tend to get infatuated to the beautiful attractions of this city. The world famous Royal Ontario Museum is located in Toronto, which is known for its collections depicting world culture and natural history. Apart from possessing many centers dedicated to science and art, Toronto also boasts of islands as well as beaches that serve as natural attractions for the tourists. The website Toronto 2014 Worlds is dedicated towards providing complete details about the world rankings that the city has been successful in obtaining during the year 2014. The city has obtained world rankings in different fields. The fields where Toronto has obtained first place rankings are as follows:


Toronto possesses the uniqueness of being the most tax-competitive city throughout the world. According to a survey initiated in a total of 51 foreign cities, Toronto held the top position. Tax competitiveness of the cities was assessed through the comparison of different tax rates like sales tax, capital tax, property tax and income tax.

Resilient City

According to a current report presented by Grosvenor Group, Toronto was ranked the most resilient city in the world. This report surveyed a total of 50 international cities and came up with the claim that Toronto, including some other cities of Canada, fared very well. This was because these cities had proper and easy access to important resources like energy and water and also because they were well planned and well governed. Grosvenor Group determined resiliency ranking by analyzing the vulnerability of the cities to various events. The report was presented post assessing the ability of these cities in adapting to changes and coping with unfavorable situations.

Youthful Cities

This tested the attractiveness of cities for all young people ageing between 15 and 29. The study concluded results on the basis of 16 categories, judging a total of twenty-five cities throughout the world. Toronto was successful in grabbing the first position in several categories including Youth Employment, Digital Access, Art and Fashion, Diversity and many more. A financial professional in his late 20’s recently gave us his perspective as well, when he visited from his home city in Delaware. He admitted how nice the lifestyle would be for youth who move to Toronto and want to establish a career and eventually a family. His business, in case you want to see more about the services provided, can be found atĀ

Intelligent Community

According to ICF or Intelligent Community Forum, Toronto is the Intelligent Community of the Year 2014. Intelligent Community Forum or ICF is located in the city of New York and it carries out the task of studying the social and economic development of the 21st Century community. The city of Toronto has been triumphant in grabbing this prestigious award or position because of the diverse economy that it possesses along with important clusters in the field of media, finance, communication technologies, film production and information. It has won this award also for serving as a magnet for thousands of immigrants. This procedure identified a total of 21 communities in not more than eight countries, further narrowed down to Top 7 Intelligent Communities. These Top 7 Intelligent Communities were visited by the ICF founder members for validating all the information provided by these communities. Next, the reports that they prepared were reviewed by a jury consisting of government officials, consultants, business leaders and academics involved in the Intelligent Community Program. Being successful in securing the top positions in the listings mentioned above, Toronto grasped good rankings in other fields as well and they include:

Labor Attractiveness and Economic Performance

Scoreboard on Prosperity made a comparison of the labor attractiveness and economic performance of 24 large cities. Among these 24 cities, the city of Toronto was successful in obtaining the third position comparatively better than its 6th position in the year 2013. The report puts forward the claim that Toronto is a master at attracting labor and it stands in the center when it comes to economic performance.

Cities of Opportunity

The PwC carried out its 6th annual study of Cities of Opportunity in the year 2014 and Toronto successfully obtained the 4th position among 30 international cities. This study was completely focused on the measures of technology and education, economic convenience of doing business in a particular city and the quality of living in a city. In the category of health, transportation, security and safety along with infrastructure Toronto ranked high.