Continued: Alternatives to Shipping

Last time we spoke about the alternatives of shipping from one place to another via my family shipping container business.  This time, we’ll talk about tow trucks.  A little known fact is that you can actually tow large items of storage, not just cars.  Let’s see how they measure up.

Is your car broken down, have you been in a car accident or do you need towing service in the Peoria, Arizona area? In that case you’ll need a tow company. It’s a good idea to call a tow company with lots of experience in towing cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles and even trucks. Several tow companies offer vehicle towing and roadside assistance to consumers and businesses. Some of these companies have fleets of over 40 tow vehicles.

Many tow companies have facilities in several cities in the state, such as Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Tempe and also provide towing service to the major metropolitan areas of Scottsdale, Gilbert and Peoria. That said, if your tire is flat, you can call these helpful people. They will come out and change it for you. Keys locked in your vehicle? They will help you using a so-called lockout. Dead battery? A jumpstart may be just what your car needs.

Not many people know that you can also tow away storage items.  For example, let’s say you needed to tow your entire pool fence from Toronto to Houston, Texas.  We got you covered.
Many Arizona companies use flatbed trailers. This way you can be hundred-percent rest assured that your car or commercial vehicle is safely transported. Some of these companies also tow RV travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers and goose-neck trailers.

You should be also aware of rapid dispatch. Rapid dispatch is usually done by using a computer order entry system and radio communication. If you are stranded outside of the valley, they will safely tow you back in.

Here is a list of common services you may need:

– Jump start
– Towing
– Tire change
– Lockout
– RV Trailer
– Goose-neck trailer
– 5th wheel trailer

Even more, many companies provide many other automotive related services. No matter the year, make or model of your truck, car or van you need towed, you can be sure that these companies in Arizona can handle it. A quality Arizona roadside assistance service firm should provide every roadside service your car may need, appreciated extras and top quality customer support. Furthermore, there are several important features and things to look for when choosing roadside assistance company. Generally speaking, below is discussed a list of most important services and support you and your car may need:

– 24/7 roadside assistance
– Lock out assistance
– Minor roadside adjustments
– Towing
– Tire change service
– Extrication
– Gasoline delivery
– Dead battery services
– On-time arrival guarantee

It’s important to mention that a company’s fleet division is usually dedicated to your specific needs, keeping your business from losing precious time stuck on the side of the road. Professional towing companies are always led by professional management teams and operated by the best trained drivers in the towing industry. Their customer service team is there to ensure every customer is cared for with the highest regard for safety and satisfaction. These well-known companies ensure no damage is caused to your car, truck or business vehicle. Such companies have well-documented history of high quality and maintain service levels superior to their competition.

Some companies even posses 24-hour surveillance cams, high-density lighting lamps and army-like security fencing. These are just a few of the ways these companies strive to maintain their positions as leaders in vehicle management solutions industry. If you are in need, always call a tow company. That saves you time, money and hassle.

Shipping from Toronto to Seattle

Considering my family runs a shipping container business, I thought it may be a good idea to tell you a little bit about our industry today.

Are you looking for ideal storage, conex and shipping containers? Do you find it difficult to get the best quality and durable shipping containers? Do you belong to Settle and Washington? If yes, then this article is written for you only. This article will offer you information about different types of the shipping container those are available in some reputed companies in Seattle and Washington. All the following products come with a great quality and with a reasonable price. You can order them from online as well.


You will find a variety of shipping containers both for national and international use. Many of those products come from the reliable companies with impressive and great designs. You can get both the standard height and high cube shipping containers with 20”, 40”, 53” lengths. If you need extra working space, storage, and living space then these containers can help you in a great way. If you contact a trustworthy manufacturer, they can truly make specific shipping containers depending on your requirements. Options are wide. You just need to choose the right one according to your requirements and demands.

A shipping container can be used for many purposes such as storage container. Storage containers come in different models with stable footing. These containers can easily accommodate any object that includes both common furniture and machinery. You can get it in insulation or refrigeration as well. Many companies in Seattle and Washington offer shipping and storage container with different models and designs with a variety of price ranges. If you want to get the best one, you need to do a research about the availability of the container and to understand your requirements such as why do you need and what is the demand. Once you are sure about the requirements, you will be able to get the best one according to your necessities.

Types of shipping container

Different types of the shipping containers are available in the current market. They are accessible in different sizes and models. Followings are the some of the popular types of the shipping containers those are widely used in Washington and Seattle areas.

Mini Containers: You can use mini containers to storage your things when there is not adequate space for storing. These containers come in a standard size and you can use them anytime you want.

Refrigeration Containers: You can also buy refrigeration containers. These containers are used to store your things in the cooling environment.

Special shipping containers: You can order the shipping containers to fit your specific requirements. Many services offer this facility.

Used Containers: You can buy used shipping containers with a restricted budget. Used containers are available in different sizes. They are economical and ideal for the transportation.

Shipping containers are available for different purposes such as workspaces, storage spaces, workshops, and even for unique modern style homes. You can get all those models from the reputed companies of the Seattle and Washington. To know more about the availability and price you can visit their websites and can also order them instantly if they meet your requirements.

Your Travel Guide To Toronto Canada

Toronto is such an amazing city! With amazing attractions, great food, beautiful scenery and a hopping night life, Toronto is definitely worth a visit, as you may already suspect. So what should you check out and do on your upcoming visit? Read this handy travel guide to Toronto Canada to find out.

Your Travel Guide To Toronto Canada

  • The CN Tower
    • If you really want to see all of Toronto in a fantastic way, you need to hit up the CN Tower and get a birds eye view of the city. There’s also a revolving restaurant, so if you’re a little bit hungry, you don’t have to go far.
  • Chinatown
    • Soak up the sights of Chinatown! This is a little more of a novelty if you’ve never been to another Chinatown (in California or New York City, for example). You can shop for some Chinese art or souvenirs, see the interesting architecture and roofing, or get candy, tea, fresh fruit, vegetables, or snacks from the vendors. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon!
  • Richmond Station
    • On the corner of Yonge and Richmond, this restaurant receives rave reviews. Amazing food and service make Richmond Station a Toronto gem. Try the rib steak or any of the incredible desserts– you won’t be disappointed.
  • The Senator Restaurant
    • Located on 249 Victoria Street, The Senator is the oldest restaurant in Toronto! It’s been there since 1860, and has great diner food to this day. Try the fluffy pancakes or the omelettes, or any of its organic grub and great coffee. You’ll love it, and have a good story to boot.
  • Fresh
    • With 4 locations, this Toronto joint showcases what vegetarian can truly be. Great taste and veggie options make this location a must visit. Great for vegetarians or just trying something new!
  • Casa Loma
    • Casa Loma is the former home of Sir Henry Pellat, a Canadian financier. It has nice decorated suites, an 800 foot tunnel out, and secret passages! It also has beautiful gardens that cover the five acre estate, and these are even open to the public as long as it’s May through October. There’s also an audio tour that is available in eight languages included with admission, which is $24 for adults, $18 for Seniors and Youth, and $14 for children– but kids age 3 and younger are free.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
    • This amazing aquarium is such a treat to visit! With thousands of marine species and crazy fun activities available such as photography classes and yoga classes(coming again in 2016), dive shows, dining, shopping, and of course, marine life, you’ve got to see the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada for yourself!
  • Parlour
    • Parlour is a sophisticated vintage lounge that’s just like a speakeasy! The staff adds to the ambience, as they’re dressed in corsets. With incredible vintage couches, great music, and a fabulous cocktail list, the Parlour is definitely a must-visit! It also gives you an excuse to dress up and really go all out, too!
  • The Silver Dollar Club
    • Want to get a little blues in while visiting Toronto? Then you must visit The Silver Dollar Club! With notable acts coming by and always some fantastic local acts playing there, the Canadian blues scene is still alive in the Silver Dollar.
  • The Hot House Cafe
    • If you love food, you must visit The Hot House Cafe! The Sunday brunch is absolutely to die for. There are so many delicious options that you won’t be able to try them all! There’s bacon, sausages, fruit, eggs, pastries, apple crumble, waffles, and more, this cafe will definitely satisfy the foodie (or just food lover) in you!
  • West Queen West
    • This is an area of Toronto that is like a magnet for hipsters, young people, and anyone who loves having a great time and going out on the town. If you love to go out, West Queen West is the place for you. With cafes, bars, and clubs just about everywhere, you can walk from place to place if you want to sample everything on the scene! Parking is free after nine, too. Bonus!
  • Pravda
    • Pravda is a Soviet Union themed bar and is just a fun joint to visit. It’s got nesting dolls, the Soviet flag, and more, and of course, there’s a select list of martinis and vodka that is always worth a sample. Loved by locals, visiting Pravda is like stepping into a time machine to across the globe– just with a better drink list.
  • The Waterfront
    • With a beach, board walk, and the Toronto Islands (sans cars), you’re bound to be able to relax a little. If you love the sound of waves and the sight of any body of water, let alone the ocean, the waterfront is for you.
  • Niagara Falls
    • Book a tour, or just go see it! These falls are not to be missed. Or just go on a boat ride, taking the guided Maiden of the Mist. Why not?!
  • The Royal Ontario Museum
    • It’s one of the biggest museums in North America, with over 6 million items and 40 galleries that feature world culture as well as natural history. If you’re a museum buff, you must check it out!

There are so many things to do in Toronto, Canada! At the end of the day, this travel guide is great, but you’re going to have to narrow it down to your favorite things to do if you want to have time for them all. Regardless, Toronto is a truly special city. If you’re visiting, pack seasonally and prepare yourself for a wonderful trip you won’t forget. We hope this travel guide gave you lots of good ideas. Check them out, and have fun visiting Toronto!